HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U Features and Performance

HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U Features and Performance

HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U Features and Performance

EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U is an ideal business laptop.

With its powerful processor and dedicated graphics, this notebook runs smoothly at a desktop-level performance while providing mobility and industrial durability when on the go.

It also features Intel’s vPro Technology to keep systems running securely and USB Type C technology, which supports faster data transfer rates than traditional USB ports. Here are the notebook’s key features:

HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Processor:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro is built with the AMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO 4650U, which packs 2.1GHz base clock speed and 4.0GHz max clock speed for faster processing throughout your day.

This powerful processor is designed for high-performance workstations and can handle standard productivity tasks. With the AMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO, you can do everything from video editing to professional photo applications.

The AMD Ryzen™ 5 PRO 4600U provides fast processing at a lower price point than the AMD PRO APUs; it is designed for fast performance and security and can help deliver better value on all your needs.

Generally, the AMD PRO APUs surpass the Intel i5 processors in almost every aspect. This is reflected in the processor’s performance and power efficiency, making it an ideal fit for this business notebook.

The 4p model is a ULV (ultra-low voltage) part that can operate within a lower TDP range of 15W and requires 65W for its maximum TDP, delivered through PCI-E lanes.

The processor has six cores and 12 threads, with base clocks of 2.1GHz and 4.0GHz on turbo.

The six cores and 12 threads are arranged so that if two threads are ready for use, the other four will hang back and wait for the two to finish.

Cores can also schedule themselves to enter an idle mode where they take no time but keep the rest of the cores up to date on their status.

With this processor, AMD is aiming for Intel’s i7, which has 1-2% more performance (depending on benchmarks) but is 15-30% more expensive, with no tangible benefits.

The processor cache is an 8MB L3, split into two 4MB slices.

This is a pair of linked L3, meaning all six cores can directly access both 4MB slices simultaneously, which means that if one slice is full and the other empty, the data can be swapped between the two, keeping both always full.

It has a 14nm manufacturing process; AMD has also reused this for its Ryzen 2 generation.

The processor also comes with AMD’s SenseMI Technology, an amalgamation of several techniques to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

These techniques include Pure Power, Precision Boost, and AMD Turbo Core, self-explanatory.

There’s also Neural Net Prediction, which learns how the operating system works based on regular use and predicts what it’s about to do, allowing the processor to better prepare for it.

Smart Prefetching predicts data demand patterns and guesses what data is likely to be needed next to optimize prefetching.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Operating System:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 Pro AMD Ryzen 5 Pro runs on Windows 10 Pro, one of the latest from Microsoft.

This operating system is primarily used for work, and it’s recommended for those who need a trustworthy tool to help them get done their daily work.

With Windows 10 Pro, you can take advantage of innovations made to Windows 10 to test the limits and deliver a more interactive computing experience.

You can connect to your network, access the internet with a simple interface, and receive notifications from your email, social media, or messaging applications.

You can also use one of the latest Microsoft Edge browsers for web browsing, which is integrated into all Windows 10 devices.

Edge can integrate into your phone’s operating system to show notifications on the screen wherever you are.

The taskbar is also customizable; it comes with customizable buttons at the side that you can easily reposition at any time.

With Windows 10 Pro, you benefit from the latest features and innovations that Microsoft has made.

You can also change modes according to your needs; the Touch mode allows people unfamiliar with computers to use them by using touch inputs, while the Natural mode enables you to use your keyboard and mouse as an input device.

The desktop mode lets you navigate around your computer using your keyboard and mouse as input devices.

You can also access the productivity center, which allows you to access all your applications in a single window.

This feature is unique to Windows 10 Pro; it helps you stay organized and improve your workflow.

It also has a built-in calendar, or you can keep track of tasks on Microsoft Outlook for free.

To customize your desktop, you can also download new themes from the Themes Store.

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 Pro Security is a powerful business notebook built for professionals requiring a high-performance device to meet their daily needs.

It offers better reliability due to its incredible durability, making it an ideal choice for those who need a device that can go the extra mile with them.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Memory:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro comes with 8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM (2 x 4 GB). This memory configuration is enough to run multiple applications at the same time.

The higher the memory capacity of a notebook, the better multitasking will be and the more applications you can run at once.

The 8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM (2 x 4 GB) on this notebook is one of its best features, as it will allow you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down your device.

It includes 2 SODIMM slots, so you can add more memory if needed.

If you run games or other memory-intensive applications regularly, upgrading the memory will enhance overall performance.

The HP EliteBook 845 G8 Pro Security 15.6″ FHD Notebook with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO is ideal for professionals and IT departments who require a powerful laptop to help them perform their daily tasks.

Its durable metal chassis provides reliability and durability while moving; it comes with a 15.

The data transfer rate between the processor and the RAM is faster than that of most other devices. It has Transfer rates up to 3200 MT/s.

This is one of the main reasons to use DDR4-3200 MHz RAM (2 x 8 GB), as it outperforms DDR4-2400 MHz in many respects.

The Ryzen 5 Pro is one of the fastest chips on the market, and you can easily multitask with it; additionally, its dual-core architecture allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down your device.

The storage on this device is 256 GB SSD. It’s one of the more popular storage options, offering better performance than other storage types.

The higher the storage capacity of an SSD, the more applications and files you can fit on a device. A larger SSD will also speed up boot times, which is useful if you run multiple applications simultaneously.

This device, however, has no optical drive. The optical drive is not an important component, as most software is now downloaded online.

If you still prefer having an optical drive, you can connect to your home network and either access a shared drive or the Internet to download software.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Display:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has a 14-inch diagonal FHD display (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Pixels are the smallest units that contain an image; they are the building blocks of everything you see on your screen.

That extra pixels make your computer’s display more detailed, sharper, and easier to see. The FHD display is the most common type of HD display, so you’ll have no problem displaying your content.

The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is a popular resolution among business laptops. It provides more than enough detail to do advanced tasks such as editing photos and videos, and it also delivers good performance for standard tasks such as using Microsoft Office.

With 250 nits maximum brightness, this display produces high-quality images and text. The maximum brightness of a laptop depends on how bright the screen has to be in direct sunlight or other intense lighting conditions.

The display uses IPS technology, which helps ensure that colors, grayscale, and brightness are all accurate when viewing content from different angles. It has a 45% NTSC color gamut. This is the percentage of colors that you can see on display.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Memory

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Graphics:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro uses  AMD Radeon™ Graphics, which are the best graphics cards on the market.

This graphics card is optimized for modern games and can handle more tasks simultaneously than many other laptops on the market.

Its Radeon™ Graphics also provide you with high-performance 3D graphics; if you’re a professional looking to game, this is necessary as some models don’t feature this option.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Multimedia And Input Devices:


The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has a 720p HD IR privacy camera that allows you to take photos and videos. This webcam is not very advanced but offers an adequate resolution for video calls.

However, it might be worth investing in a new model if your primary purpose is to take photos or videos with your computer. The camera on this model is only good when used in well-lit environments.

The built-in microphone has noise reduction capabilities; this will help you to focus on what you’re saying during a phone call and improve the audio quality of your recordings.

The webcam on this device allows you to share favorite moments with your friends and family and watch them on Skype or other applications such as Facebook Live.


The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro features two built-in stereo speakers with Bang & Olufsen audio processing. This comes in handy when you wish to watch movies.

The microphone on this notebook is quite sensitive, so your recordings will be clear and detailed; you should also have no trouble using it for conference calls.

The three multi-array microphone design gives you clear audio on the other end of your calls. Audio controls are located at the top of the device to help you adjust volume and much more.

Microphones allow you to communicate with others, whether holding a conference call or giving a speech at a business meeting. You will have no trouble recording it or communicating clearly during calls and video conferences.


The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has a backlit keyboard.

This allows you to work in dark environments without worrying about the screen being too dull or not functioning properly.

A backlit keyboard is also a great feature for gamers and programmers, as typing in low-light conditions will be much easier and less painful for your eyes.

The keys are raised, so your fingers won’t have to stretch far to hit them accurately.

The keyboard has a traditional layout as opposed to a laptop with an island-style keyboard as Microsoft has on their Surface line-up.

This keyboard is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, which makes it more durable than many others.

The keys are spacious and have good tactile feedback. They also allow you to type quickly and easily; this is handy for professionals who type a lot but do not necessarily want or need to dedicate the time to learn a new keyboard layout.

The keyboard features a fingerprint reader; you can use this to log in safely and quickly by placing your finger on it.

The touchpad allows you to control the cursor on the screen, move it around freely, and click or double-click by tapping anywhere on the touchpad.

The built-in trackpad is quite large; if you’re used to smaller ones, this will be a welcome change.

The trackpad features Windows precision drivers, so you can easily control the cursor and will not have to worry about using an external mouse.

The trackpad is multi-touch. This allows you to use gestures such as pinch-to-zoom for browsing or using your favorite applications with greater ease and convenience.

Hall sensor:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has a Hall sensor that detects movement and is used to adjust the screen according to the user’s movements.

This feature improves tracking accuracy, which can be useful when watching videos or playing games on your computer.

HP EliteBook 845 G7 Dimensions And Weight:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has the following measurements and weight:

The weight of this model is 1.33 kg, which is slightly heavier than some of the latest models but should still be quite easy to carry around.

This weight makes it a bit more difficult to transport, but the durability of this notebook makes up for it. This notebook is 1.79 cm thick, like most other 14″ laptops available on the market.

The product measures 32.36 x 21.47 x 1.79 cm (W x D x H), giving it a bit of an edge regarding slimness.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Battery:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro comes with an HP Long Life 3-cell, 53 Wh Li-ion battery.

This was designed to last for a maximum of 15.6 hours when used for watching videos and browsing the web, which is quite impressive.

The battery can also be recharged within 60 minutes, which is quite fast compared to most other models on the market today – this is ideal for those who need to use their computers on the go often. With HP Smart 65 W External AC power adapter, the battery life is up to 18 hours and has a quick charge.

The battery is in-built, which means it is not removable but is still compatible with standard power adapters. In case the battery becomes faulty, it is only serviceable by warranty.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Ports:


The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has the following ports and interfaces:

The front rear left side features a headphone/microphone combo jack, which comes in handy for those who like to use headphones or a microphone with their notebook.

It also comes with two USB 3.1 Type-C port, which is faster than USB 2.0 but still has the same capabilities, such as connecting to a PC or being used as an extra charging source for your smartphone or tablet, which is handy. It also has two USB 3.1 Type-C (Alt mode).

The left side of the HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has a single AC power connector. It also has a single HDMI port connecting to a bigger monitor or TV.


The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has the following wireless type:

HP’s Wi-Fi also uses a new technology called Wi-Fi 6; with this, you can get up to 1 Gbps download speeds and uploads up to 680 Mbps. This is more than enough for most users who do not need maximum speed on the Internet.

This notebook comes with a Bluetooth® 5 combo, capable of connecting to Bluetooth® compatible devices and transferring data at speeds ten times faster than previous versions.

Expansion Slots:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 Pro Security Edition 14″ FHD Notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has the following expansion slots:

The first is a Smart card reader slot, where you can connect your credit card or other cards to smart cards. This allows you to pay for things quickly and securely, even if you do not have your physical wallet available.

Another slot is an external SIM card slot, where you can insert a SIM card to access the Internet if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Wireless Note:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro supports Miracast. This means it can connect to Miracast-enabled devices, such as your TV set or game console.

This feature is incredibly useful for streaming video content from the Internet to your TV or console without connecting a cable. You must ensure a screen mirroring app is installed on your mobile device for Miracast to work.

This becomes even more useful when using an external monitor with Miracast enabled, which allows you to mirror the computer screen on your external monitor. It is also MU-MIMO supported, which means it is easier to share the Internet with multiple devices, such as your mobile device and other people in the same room.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Software:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 14″ FHD Notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 Pro comes with the following additional software:

HP Connection Optimizer:

This application helps you get the fastest connection speed on all networks. It gives you priority access, thanks to its ability to adjust your network settings according to the connected devices and apps running in the background.

HP Image Assistant:

This function helps you to focus on your images while editing. It also provides a variety of pre-set adjustments, including eyedropper, curves, saturation, sharpness, and contrast.

This application is also compatible with Third-party printing applications and supports JPEG, PDF, and TIFF.

HP Hotkey Support:

HP Hotkey Support is a shortcut for commonly used applications. This will provide quick access to your favorite programs on your HP device. This is great if you like to use shortcuts and will help you in a hurry.

HP Noise Cancellation Software:

This software is for those who experience a lot of background noise, usually from their colleagues at work. This feature helps you reduce the noise coming from other people in your surroundings and ensures that you can hear and understand what they are saying without raising your voice. This can save you a lot of stress if you often have to communicate with people nearby.

HP Support Assistant:

This application is used to get help on the web, and in case of errors, it will help you analyze the information that has been typed and provide a solution. This is a great feature if you are unsure how to fix an error.

HP Support Assistant is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Buy Office (Sold separately):

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro comes with a 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 365. This means you can access your favorite software and its new features like Office on Demand, which lets you work on your documents whenever you want – even from a mobile device.

With Microsoft Office 365, you can create, edit, and share documents online using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher.

You can also access the full Office suite of applications by purchasing a subscription.

HP JumpStarts:

HP JumpStart is a series of applications that will help you immediately get the most out of your HP product. This application includes the latest drivers, updates, and support on the device.

This is great if you want the latest features, but if you do not want to wait for your manufacturer and service provider to provide you with these, this application has all the updates.

HP Elitebook 845 G7 Security:

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro has the following security options:

The password manager on the EliteBook 845 G7 Pro is called Password Manager. This application allows users to create and store passwords and PINs in an encrypted database.

It also helps you to arrange your passwords into groups by category so that you can deal with all your passwords in one place. However, this application has a learning curve.

This notebook comes with a fingerprint reader. With this, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device and access the applications like you would on an Android or iPhone.

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro is also equipped with a TPM chip.

This allows you to encrypt the hard drive, so all data stored on it is protected from the threats of hackers, as it will remain inaccessible unless you have a physical key that allows you to access it.

It also comes with Windows Defender, a real-time solution that protects your system from malware and viruses. Out-of-the-box, it comes with McAfee security software that protects your system from malware and viruses.

This notebook also features HP DriveLock and Automatic DriveLock. The former will create a password that you can use for encrypting your storage media. The latter will automatically lock the drives when your notebook is turned off.

When connected to a power source, the HP EliteBook 845 G7 AMD Ryzen 5 Pro will automatically shut down after a specified period of inactivity. This helps keep your device in optimum condition by preventing overheating and short-circuiting.

The HP BIOSphere Gen5:

HP BIOSphere Gen5 provides better protection from viruses and malware. It can prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities through the implementation of UEFI updates. This allows you to directly download into the device, which provides a safe environment for you to use your HP device.

The HP BIOSphere Gen5 is equipped with ME Firmware TPM Security Device with Embedded UEFI Shell and Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT). Intel PTT enables you to check whether your system has been tampered with.

Absolute persistence module:

HP Absolute Persistence Module has built a verification key for the BIOS and firmware to verify that your system has not been tampered with. This will help to prevent bootkit attacks.

HP Sure Start Gen4:

The HP Sure Start Gen4 helps keep your data safe by providing an additional layer of protection to your HP device. This security feature will protect your BIOS, boot firmware, and OS from malicious attacks. This includes full disk encryption and disk integrity check.

This notebook comes with BIOS-level password protection. You can use the BIOS-level password to prevent unauthorized access to your device.

The HP EliteBook 845 G7 Pro Security Edition 14″ FHD Notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 Pro also has a security lock slot for attaching an optional cable lock.

This will provide additional protection for your device as it will be difficult for assailants to carry it away.

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