How Much Is A New HP Chromebook x2 In Kenya?

How Much Is A New HP Chromebook x2 In Kenya?

The new HP Chromebook x2 has been announced to be available in Kenya at KES. 19,400. The HP Chromebook x2 comes with a 12.3-inch full HD touchscreen display which is the perfect device for multitasking and multimedia consumption, with impressive battery life to boot.

It has a powerful Intel core i5 processor (8th generation) based on the Kaby Lake architecture and 8GB of RAM for lightning-fast performance that can stay cool under your fingertips.

It has a 1TB hard SSD drive that lets you easily drag and drop files onto it or use it as an offline backup solution.

The operating system has been pre-installed with Google’s Chrome OS so that you can enjoy the same functionalities and apps used on your other Chromebooks.

But despite a shiny new body and a great spec sheet, the HP Chromebook x2 has a relatively affordable price tag: KES. 19,400. And in this post, we’ll take it for a test drive, so you get an idea of how it fares against its competitors in the Kenyan market.

The storage model is available in three different capacities: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The RAM available ranges from 2GB to 8GB.

The HP Chromebook x2’s screen is a 12.3-inch IPS LCD panel with 2400 by 1600 pixels resolution and supports millions of colors.

It has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, and it’s covered by Corning Gorilla Glass for scratch resistance. The touchscreen display boasts fast response times, so you can interact smoothly, even when working with complex web apps or documents in the cloud.

Laptops HP Chromebook x2 Specifications

HP Chromebook x2 key features:

Operating system: Chrome OS.

Processor: Intel Core m3-7Y30/1 GHz base frequency, up to 2.6 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 4 MB cache, 2 cores.

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615.

Display: 12.3-inch 2,400×1, 600-pixel touchscreen.

Memory: 4 GB LPDDR3-1600 Mhz.

Storage: 32GB HDD.

Battery: 4-cell, 48 Wh Li-ion with battery.

Weight: starting at 0.73kg; 1.39kg.

Slot: 1 multi-format SD media card reader.

Wireless: 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.2.

Dimension: (W x D x H) 11.5 x 8.32 x 0.33 inches.

Keyboard: Full-size backlit island-style keyboard with integrated numeric keypad.

Multimedia: Dual Speakers; audio by Bang and Olufsen.

Is HP Chromebook x2 A Good Laptop?

Yes. This is one of the best laptops you could get at this price. It has the latest processors and internal memory to store all your documents, photos, videos, and other data.

The HP Chromebook X2 is a great laptop for everyone, including students and professionals. Fast performance with an Intel Core i5 processor based on Kaby Lake architecture.

Impressive battery life, considered one of the best in its class with a long 9 hours 15 minutes battery life. A huge 1TB hard SSD drive lets you drag and drop files onto it or use it as an offline backup solution.

A full-size island-style keyboard and a huge trackpad for comfortable typing or gaming. It is good because of the many new available features.

The HP Chromebook x2 is a very good laptop. It is good because it is portable, fast, and very solid. It has a battery life of 9 hours, so you can be sure to get enough power to work with.

The hard drive offers plenty of storage for your files, photos, and videos, and it offers 16 GB of RAM, which makes everything run smoothly when doing complex tasks.

This is by far one of the best laptops for those who want something portable but also, at the same time, have a top-performance laptop with all the latest hardware in it.

Is HP Chromebook x2 Good For Gaming?

Yes. The HP Chromebook x2 offers plenty of power for gaming. It has an impressive 4GB of RAM, one of the top specs you could get on a laptop at this price point. The Intel Core M3-7Y30 processor offers enough power to run any game smoothly, even the most demanding ones. The more demanding a game is, the greater the need for an excellent processor.

The HP Chromebook x2 delivers solid daily performance and has no lags or pauses while performing basic tasks such as browsing the web or creating documents.

It’s great for gaming because it is affordable and has plenty of storage space. It is fast and responsive; however, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card. You can get the best performance with games that don’t require a high-end graphics card.

The HP Chromebook x2 offers impressive speed for day-to-day use and most demanding tasks. It has plenty of RAM and multiple apps without lagging or slowdowns.

The internal memory is quick, so there are rarely delays when switching between apps or loading new documents. It’s not meant for hardcore gamers who love playing complex games such as “League of Legends” or “Counter-Strike.”

Does HP Chromebook x2 Have Fingerprints?

Yes. The HP Chromebook x2 has a screen coating that can easily pick up fingerprints. Clean the screen regularly to help reduce the chances of this happening. Access is secured by patented 3-D fingerprint technology. 

A rich audio experience: HP Dual Speakers, custom-tuned by Bang & Olufsen professionals, stimulate your senses with PC audio excellence.

The good thing about the HP Chromebook x2 is that it has a nice shiny screen, making it easy to clean. But, as we said before, it has easily picked up fingerprints due to its glossy surface. This will make your screen less readable.

The HP Chromebook x2’s display is made from polished glass, so it is prone to picking up fingerprints. If you see anything on the display when you look at it from an angle, remove it immediately and use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to clean off the fingerprint marks. The fingerprints can obscure the screen and make it harder to read.

Use a soft, microfiber, or anti-static cleaning cloth to clean the screen gently. Avoid using chemical wipes or sprays on the screen. You can also use a soft piece of cloth made specifically for glasses to avoid scratching the screen.

If you have accidentally touched the keyboard surface, you might need to clean that as well. Use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with water or window cleaner (for example), and then wipe down the surface gently in an up-and-down motion to remove any dust or grime. After wiping, use another part of your dampened cloth to dry off all moisture from the keyboard surfaces.

Does HP Chromebook x2 Have An HDMI Port?

Yes. The HP Chromebook x2 has an HDMI port, allowing you to connect the laptop to a TV or monitor for sharing media files. The HP Chromebook x2 can connect to an HDTV or monitor wirelessly with an MHL-enabled adapter (sold separately) and play content from various sources.

You can also use the HDMI port to connect your HP Chromebook x2 with a micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable (not included). You are applicant your HP Chromebook x2 to a TV or monitor with the help of its HDMI port.

The HDMI port allows you to connect your HP Chromebook x2 with a micro-HDMI cable (not included) and play content from various sources.

You can use the HDMI port on the HP Chromebook x2 to connect it with a TV or monitor. The HDMI port allows you to connect your HP Chromebook x2 with a micro-HDMI cable and play content from various sources.

For example, you can use it to get video from your TV and make it compatible with playing on your HP Chromebook x2. If you don’t know if you’re TV supports HDMI or not, check out this list of supported TVs by HDMI type.

A micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable (not included) is also available for you to easily connect your HP Chromebook x2 with a TV or monitor.

It’s easier than dealing with the tiny micro USB port on the HP Chromebook x2. It’s also useful if you want to get video from your TV and make it compatible with playing on your HP Chromebook x2. The micro-HDMI cable works best with an HDTV or a monitor with an HDMI input.

The HP Chromebook x2 has a standard HDMI port. This allows you to connect it to a TV or monitor for watching movies, playing games, etc.

Does HP Chromebook x2 Have Backlit Keyboard?

No. The HP Chromebook x2 has a non-backlit keyboard. The keyboard has a very smooth matte surface that doesn’t provide enough contrast to be easily readable in low-light environments.

The 101 to 102 keys are equipped with anti-ghosting technology, which makes the laptop work smoothly no matter how fast you type. With an excellent anti-ghosting keyboard, there will be no lag or slowdown while typing on the HP Chromebook x2.

The HP Chromebook x2’s keyboard is not backlit, so you can’t see the keys in dark conditions. If you need to write or use the computer at night, it would be difficult to type without seeing the keys.

The keyboard on the HP Chromebook x2 lacks illumination, which makes it hard to see when typing in dark places or at night. You can accidentally hit the wrong keys if unfamiliar with the keyboard layout.

A light sensor indicates ambient light conditions on the top of the keyboard. You can turn off (or increase) keyboard brightness at any time by pressing “Alt + Shift + Search” simultaneously.

If you’re trying to type something in a dark room and don’t have any lights on, you’ll have to enable backlighting on your HP Chromebook x2’s keyboard. To do this, press “Alt + Shift + Search” together and select “Brightness level.

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