How Much Does A Refurbished HP ProBook 4520s Cost In Kenya?

How Much Does A Refurbished HP ProBook 4520s Cost In Kenya?

The HP ProBook 4520s is a popular laptop from a top brand that is perfect for work and multimedia use.

It is a thin, lightweight laptop with a sleek design and a reasonable price tag. The notebook can be configured to work for both business professionals and multimedia users.

A refurbished version is also available at a very attractive price, making it an optimum choice for those who are budget-conscious.

Buying refurbished laptops have the benefit of being cheaper and featuring updated hardware. It could be used as a backup or company computer or to enhance the performance of your existing machines.

In Kenya, you can get refurbished HP ProBook 4520s laptops from an authorized dealer at an affordable price of between KES 18,999.00 to KES 28,000.00.

A refurbished HP ProBook 4520s is expected to function as it did when it was new. It should have no physical damage, dents, or scratches, or the laptop body should be intact.

If it’s a used unit, one can expect some signs of wear and tear, but there shouldn’t be any noticeable damage.

The process of refurbishing a laptop ensures that it is working as intended. It is tested for a couple of hours, and it is given a sign-off. The notebooks are then carefully packaged for shipment.

HP ProBook 4520s Key Specifications:

Operating System:  Windows 10 Pro

Processor   : Intel Core i3-350M (dual-core processor with 2.80 GHz base frequency, 3 MB cache)

Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics

Display  : 39.6 cm (15.6″) diagonal HD (1366 x 768 pixels) display

Memory  :  4GB RAM

Storage  : 320 GB HDD

Ports  :         Three USB 2.0, An eSATA/USB 2.0 Combo, An external VGA monitor An HDMI, A stereo microphone in, A stereo headphone/line-out, An AC power, An RJ-45.

Keyboard  : 100% Full-sized spill-resistant keyboard and separate numeric keypad

Pointing Device  : Touchpad with multi-touch gesture support

Network Interface: Realtek Ethernet (10/100/1000 NIC)

Dimensions : 22.74 x 30.18 x 2.54 cm (8.95 x 11.88 x 1 inches) (W x D x H)

Weight  : Starting at 2.39 kg

Battery    :  6-cell Battery

Is HP ProBook 4520s A Good Laptop?

HP ProBook 4520s is an excellent laptop that has been designed for everyday use. It’s a lightweight and compact laptop with an HD display and a variety of ports.

Unlike bulky desktop computers or even most of notebooks, it does not make it difficult to fit into a bag. Its weight makes it very convenient to carry around, especially when one plans to travel frequently.

The processor is fast enough to handle any kind of operating system as well as medium resource-intensive applications such as light video editing or gaming.

It’s highly recommended for students and professionals alike who want a reliable notebook that can be used on the go and feature all the latest features available in today’s market.

The display provides a great viewing experience that is enhanced by the HD display. It’s a 1366 x 768 resolution screen that allows you to view your favorite content in clear and vivid images.

Also, it’s a 15.6-inch screen that allows you to do your work or watch movies comfortably, even at a distance.

The sound quality is decent, and the sound comes from the speakers placed on both sides of the display.

The notebook is equipped with SonicMaster technology, which is developed for better speakers and notebook audio quality.

The laptop is also equipped with an integrated webcam so you can video chat with family, friends, or colleagues without having to plug in any additional devices.

Is HP ProBook 4520s Good For Gaming?

The HP ProBook 4520s is a portable gaming laptop that isn’t meant for intense gaming. The Intel processor will run most games smoothly but if you have a high-end graphics card and powerful computer, it would not pose any difficulty to run the most demanding games.

It has a good resolution screen that features an HD display, which allows you to view videos or photos in brilliant color or even play movies or play games with ease.

It can easily be the best portable gaming experience you’ll ever have, and it’s definitely good enough for casual gamers who just want to play some action or RPG games once in a while on the go.

The graphics performance is sufficient, but it’s recommended to have a powerful gaming rig that can play intensive games on medium settings.

The HP ProBook 4520s can also be used for work purposes since most of the games are designed to be lightweight and run on low-end systems.

Does HP ProBook 4520s Have Fingerprint?

Yes, the HP ProBook 4520s laptop has a fingerprint scanner. The scanner also provides a better experience when using Windows Hello, which is an addition to Windows 10.

It allows you to use biometric authentication to log in with your face or fingerprint without having to type in a password every time you want to log in.

Does HP ProBook 4520s Have HDMI Port?

The HP ProBook 4520s laptop has an HDMI port, but it can only be used to connect a high-definition external monitor.

An HDMI port allows you to connect a high-definition display device. It supports high-definition resolutions and audio, allowing you to view and hear content in crystal clear quality.

Does The HP ProBook 4520s Have A Backlit Keyboard?

No, the HP ProBook 4520s has a non-backlit keyboard. A backlit keyboard provides extra comfort and convenience when used in low light conditions.

It helps to improve the experience and allows you to use the laptop at night without straining your eyes.

The keyboard is, however, convenient and comfortable to type on since it’s spill-resistant, making it ideal for wet or humid environments.

It also features a separate numeric keypad, so you don’t have to use the whole surface of the keyboard.

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