How Much Does A Refurbished HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

How Much Does A Refurbished HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

A Refurbished HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 is a great deal in comparison with the price of a new model. With only about KES 113,000.00, it is the cheapest model in their range.

The difference in price is even more compelling when you look at the performance benefits of buying a Refurbished model.

A refurbished model has been tested and is guaranteed to work without any issues. While the price may be a bit steep for some, you are paying for your peace of mind.

It goes through a few stages before it is sent out to you. The first stage of being a Refurbished model is that it passes inspection.

This means that the device meets all the strict requirements for HP to consider it as a possible candidate for Refurbishment.

In this regard, the performance of the machine is checked, and if there are no issues, it will be cleaned up.

After this cleaning process, it goes through another round of tests to certify that it is in good working condition.

This guarantees that the performance of the machine remains to be at the same level as it was when it was new.

It, therefore, means that the device should be able to handle the daily use that you would need. The quality of the repair is also important, and it ensures that there are no quality issues.

How Much Does A Brand New HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

A brand new HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 goes between KES 167,000.00 and KES 198,330.00.

This is much higher than the price of a refurbished version, and it is fair to put this cost in perspective when you consider the performance benefits that you can get from buying a machine like this.

In addition to that, a brand new model also comes with a warranty that covers all parts of the machine.

This means that if there is any issue with the device, HP will make it right, as long as you visit them at their service centers and bring the product.

This is a good reason for people who need this kind of service to buy a new one. The warranty can be useful, and you might have some issues with some parts like the screen or keyboard.

How Much Does A Brand New HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i5 Cost In Kenya?

A brand new HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i5 is also available in Kenya. The price for this model is a little lower than the Core i7 one. It ranges from KES 156,688.00 to KES160, 000.00.

These are still pretty high prices and need to be put into perspective with other options. It is clear that the Intel Core i7 version is the best deal when you look at what they have to offer and their performance.

It is, however, safe to say that if you are looking for the best deal, then the Core i5 model is not a bad choice.

It gives you some savings and does not sacrifice much in performance. You can still run all kinds of applications on it, and it will handle most of them without any problems.

HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Specifications:

HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i7 Key Features:

Operating System        :  Windows 11 Pro 64, Windows 10 Pro (available through downgrade rights from Windows 11 Pro)

Processor                      : 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 (Quad-core processor with 2.80 GHz base frequency and up to 4.70 GHz boost frequency, 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache)

Graphics                    : Integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Display                        : 33.78 cm (13.3″) diagonal FHD (1920 x 1080) backlit bent touchscreen, anti-glare UMA eDP, 250 nits, 45% NTSC

Memory                     :  16 GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM (1 x 16 GB)

Storage                      : 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ SSD

Ports                           : Two Thunderbolt™ 4 with USB4™ Type-C® 40Gbps signalling rate; Two Super Speed USB Type-A 5Gbps signalling rate (1 charging); Headphone/microphone combo; An HDMI 2.0; An AC power

Multimedia              : Audio by Bang & Olufsen, two stereo speakers, three multi-array microphone

Keyboard                     :  HP backlit, spill-resistant quiet keyboard

Pointing Device           : Glass touchpad with multi-touch gesture support

Dimensions                 : 12.1 x 8.07 x 0.71 inches (W x D x H)

Weight                         : Starting at 2.98 pounds

Battery                         :  3-cell, 53 WHr Long Life, Fast-Charge Battery (in-built)

Power Supply              :  45-watt Smart AC Adapter, right angle connector, nPFC

Wireless Technology  : Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AX201 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth® 5 Combo

HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Core i5 Key Features:

Operating System   : Windows 11 Pro 64

Processor                 : 11th Gen intel Core i5-1135G7 (Quad-core processor with

2.40 GHz base frequency and up to 4.20 GHz boost frequency, 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache)

Graphics                    : Integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Display                      :  13.3 anti-glare, IPS, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 250 nits, and multi-touch functionality that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Memory                     :  8GB DDR4

Storage                      :  512 GB SSD

Is HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 A Good Laptop?

Yes, the HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 is a great laptop. HP is no doubt one of the biggest companies in the tech industry.

The performance of this gadget should therefore not be surprising. It offers a great deal of performance and it is definitely a very good buy if you have the money.

One of the best things about it is that it comes with great features as well as powerful hardware. The processor is one of the best in the market, and it performs very well.

It is, therefore, not surprising that it can handle all kinds of applications without any problems. This makes it a good option for those who need a laptop to use for running various apps and who will be doing this on a daily basis.

The notebook is also comfortable to use and it has some great specs as well as some unique features.

The fact that it comes with touch functionality provides more flexibility not only for you but also for your experience with using the computer. You can multitask easily because you do not need to use trackpads or mice that can slow you down.

The display resolution is also very good as it is FHD as well as IPS, and it can be used for gaming sessions.

The brightness is about 250 nits which are pretty high and can be used for indoor settings as well. This makes it a good choice even if you are not using it in outdoors or indoors. The battery life can also be considered to be very good because of the FHD display.

You will therefore have all the power you need with this laptop during your usage time without having to worry about recharging because of your usage time.

The keyboard should also not come into question as it is spill-resistant, quiet, and easy to use. You also have a 15-hour battery life with the fast charging technology that is built in.

It also has great connectivity options, and you will be able to use several ports and interfaces, which will be very useful.

This laptop is, therefore, a very good option for those who need a device that is not only powerful but it is also functional as well.

Is HP EliteBook x360 830 Good For Gaming?

The HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 is not a gaming laptop, and it does not come with the best hardware for playing games.

It does, however, perform well for those who want to play some less demanding games. The Intel processor will give you all the power that you need to run most of the games in this category.

They will run smoothly without any problems and there should also not be a lot of lag or any other issues.

You will also be able to run other applications on this device which means that it can still be used for doing some work-related tasks even though you are playing games on it.

The integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics can also do some gaming on this device as well. It is not the best graphics platform in the world, but it can also be used for running less demanding games.

The display resolution is also great, and it will give you a very good visual experience while playing your games.

You will be able to see everything clearly and at a good resolution which means that you can easily get lost in the game world that is well built with this kind of technology.

The battery life is also very good as it has an outstanding capacity of up to 15 hours which provides for many hours of gaming time without having to worry about recharging because of your usage time.

Does HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Have Fingerprint?

No, the HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 does not come with a fingerprint reader. This is a security feature that allows you to secure your account by allowing you to use your fingerprint instead of the password.

It is rather disappointing that this device does not have a fingerprint sensor, but you will only be limited in terms of security measures because of it.

The security features that are present with this laptop are definitely enough for most people who need to secure their devices and their accounts.

You can still use other security measures along with the available ones on this device as well to ensure more protection while using your laptop device.

Does HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 Have HDMI Port?

Yes, the HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 has an HDMI 2.0 port. This is a great feature because it allows you to use an external display when using your laptop.

You can therefore have larger screens, and you will be able to multitask more easily. The port is also very good for those who want to use their laptops for watching movies or playing games on bigger screens and monitors.

The HDMI 2.0 port also delivers great visuals so that you get a complete entertainment experience with this device.

Everything HDMI 1.4 offers is still possible with this improvement, but with more bandwidth and a larger range of color options.

HDMI 2.0 is approved to provide a bandwidth of 18 Gbps, supporting 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (frames per second).

The HDMI® 1.4b standard offers the following key features:

Beyond 1080p video resolutions are supported by 4K compatibility, enabling high-resolution monitors to bring movie theater-like depth, clarity, and color into the home.

Additionally, it supports 19201080 at 120 Hz, 38402160 at 24, 25, and 30 Hz, and 40962160 at 24 Hz. All resolutions and refresh rates are supported by the High-Speed HDMI Cable.

Given the growing number of goods that connect to the internet, HDMI Ethernet Channel enhances an HDMI connection with high-speed networking, enabling customers to fully utilize their IP-enabled devices without the need for an additional Ethernet cable.

In order to offer cinematic sound to the living room, Audio Return Channel (ARC) allows an HDMI-connected TV to transport audio data “upstream” to an AVR or speaker over an HDMI connection, eliminating the need for a separate audio line.

For several popular 3D video formats, 3D compatibility offers input/output protocols, enabling real 3D gaming and home entertainment applications.

Content Type enables real-time sharing of content types between display and source hardware, enabling the television to optimize visual settings for the best possible watching experience.

Digital photography and computer graphics may employ a variety of color gamut thanks to additional color spaces.

Now supported are sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB, and YCC601 color in addition to RGB color and x.v.Color.

Does The HP EliteBook x360 830 Have A Backlit Keyboard?

Yes, the HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 does have a backlit keyboard. The backlit feature will help you to have an easier time when typing in the dark, and it can also be useful for other uses as well.

In addition, the keyboard itself is great to use, and it has a very good design and layout. It is quiet, and you will barely hear any noises when typing, which is great for those who do not like to type with a lot of noise.

The keys are also very responsive and they will work with just a light touch so that you do not have to push them down excessively in order to use them.

It is spill-resistant as well, so you do not have to worry about spills and other liquids damaging the keys.

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