How Much Does A Refurbished HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 Cost

How Much Does A Refurbished HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

How Much Does A Refurbished HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

A refurbished HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 laptop is available for purchase at a price ranging from KES 28,000.00 to KES 33,700.00.

Refurbished products are used electronics that have been returned to the original manufacturer for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to: cosmetic blemishes, model updates, and outstanding issues.

The item may have been repaired or otherwise restored to full working order by the manufacturer and resold as a refurbished product.

As a result of this extensive process, all refurbished laptops are certified by the manufacturer or an authorized reseller to have passed a series of rigorous tests, ensuring that the product is in top working condition.

The refurbished hardware is thoroughly inspected, and parts that fail inspection are replaced with parts that meet all original specifications.

Refurbished products are made, stocked, and shipped by a number of manufacturers, including HP itself.

For this reason, it is imperative that customers carefully review all product specifications prior to purchase.

While professional reviews can be found on most laptops available for sale at the time of writing, it is important to note that defective pre-owned hardware will not be covered under warranty unless it can be proven to have been caused by a defect or mishap during the refurbishing process.

How Much Does A Brand New HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 Cost In Kenya?

A brand new HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 laptop is available for purchase at a price of around KES 88,549.00.

A brand new laptop in comparison to a refurbished model will arrive sealed in the original manufacturer’s packaging and include all accessories or components that were originally included by the manufacturer.

HP EliteBook 8540W Core i7 Specifications:

Operating System                       : Windows 10 Pro 64

Processor                                    : Intel Core i7 620M (2.66GHz. base clock frequency)

Graphics                                      : Nvidia Graphics

Display                                         :  15.6″ LED-backlit display

Memory                                       : 4 GB RAM

Storage                                        : 500 GB Hard Disk Drive

 Is HP EliteBook 8540W A Good Laptop?

Yes, the HP EliteBook 8540W is a good laptop. It looks to be a well-rounded laptop with all the necessary features that you would want in a desktop replacement, but it is not the best laptop in the world.

It has a great screen with very good quality. The keyboard and trackpad are good but could use some improvement.

The size and weight of this laptop are very good for a portable device. The battery life is long enough for a day of work but not enough for a full day of entertainment.

This is a solid laptop that provides good value for the money, and I would definitely consider this as a laptop for my daily routine.

Is HP EliteBook 8540W Good For Gaming?

The HP EliteBook 8540W is better suited for business use instead of gaming. It’s too slow to play with, and it does not have the power to run the latest games.

However, with Nvidia Graphics, you can play some older games and casual games that aren’t too demanding on the graphics.

It’s a good laptop for light gaming, but you’re going to be limited by the speed of the processor. The display is nice and clear, and the speakers are good quality, but not the best.

Demanding games require a laptop with a strong dedicated graphics card for the best quality video output. Otherwise, it will lag when the graphics on the screen get intense.

This laptop is, however, good for other uses like watching movies, editing documents, and browsing the web.

Does HP EliteBook 8540W Have Fingerprint?

Yes, the HP EliteBook 8540W does have a fingerprint sensor. A fingerprint sensor is basically a sensor that is used for fingerprint authentication.

Instead of typing your password, you can use your right thumb to scan the pattern on the sensor and unlock it.

It is a good feature to have on a laptop, especially when you don’t want to type your password every time you open your laptop. It’s a more secure way of logging in and also prevents others from accessing your device.

With this laptop, you can register multiple fingerprints, and there is an option to turn this feature off.

This means you can use up to three fingerprints that are still saved on the device for future use. Access to your files, accounts, and data will be protected by the fingerprint security measure.

Does HP EliteBook 8540W Have HDMI Port?

No. The HP EliteBook 8540W does not have an HDMI port. If you want to connect your laptop to a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), then you need to buy an adapter.

With an HDMI port, you can connect your laptop to the Panasonic World 4K Ultra HD Projector, which will give you stunning picture quality.

This is a great way of showing your friends the results of your work or playing HD movies or videos with crisp and clear screen quality.

You can also opt to use the DisplayPort, which is an alternative to the HDMI port. This port is becoming a popular way of connecting devices and enables data to be sent and received through a single cable.

In terms of bandwidth, DisplayPort cables are equivalent to high-speed HDMI cables, but they could be able to handle a much faster refresh rate at the highest resolution (60 Hz against 24 Hz for HDMI).

There are converter cables that may be used to connect DisplayPort to HDMI connections.

A brand-new RTX 20-series or RX 5000-series graphics card may have been connected to an HDTV from the middle of the 2000s thanks to the backward compatibility of the DisplayPort and HDMI standards.

Your display and graphics card will use the best option each end of the connection has to provide for connection.

The best 4K gaming display with 144 Hz and HDR could only be able to run at 4K and 24 Hz when used with an older graphics card.

Does The HP EliteBook 8540w Have A Backlit Keyboard?

No, the HP EliteBook 8540W does not have a backlit keyboard. If you want to type in dark environments or at night, the backlit feature on your keyboard would come in handy.

The light from the back of your keyboard illuminates the keys, so if you are working in dim lighting, it would make it easier for you to work by keeping your hands further away from the keys not to obscure them.

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