How Much Does A Refurbished HP 250 G3 Notebook Core i3 Cost In Kenya?

How Much Does A Refurbished HP 250 G3 Notebook Core i3 Cost In Kenya?

The HP 250 G3 Notebook is a thin and light laptop designed primarily for those who want to reduce the size and weight of their computer.

It also boasts some decent specifications and a reasonable price, making it an interesting option on a tight budget.

A refurbished version of this model is available for a lower price without having to compromise on the quality.

The price range begins at around KES 20,000.00 to KES 30,000.00, which is a great deal considering the quality you get.

The process of refurbishing involves inspecting the device for any defects, replacing defective parts, and updating the operating system if necessary.

It, therefore, means that a refurbished HP 250 G3 Notebook works like new by default, and so you can leverage this to save a significant amount of cash.

How Much Does A Brand New HP 250 G3 Notebook Core i3 Cost In Kenya?

The price of a brand new HP 250 G3 Notebook Core i3 goes up to KES 52,000.00. The quality of this particular laptop is very good, and it is generally recommended by professionals.

As with other laptops in the same category, you have to ensure that the screen has a reasonable level of clarity before purchase.

With a brand-new version of the model, you are guaranteed quality, and you do not have to worry about any faults with the device.

It comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which means that you are covered in case something goes wrong. You will be covered against the cost of repairs and labor unless you damage the device yourself.

HP 250 G3 Notebook Core i3 Specifications:

Operating System       : Windows 8.1 64-bit

Processor                      : 3rd Gen Intel Core i3-3217U (Dual-core processor with 1.8 GHz base clock frequency, 5 MB cache)

Graphics                      : Intel HD Graphics 4000

Display                          : 15.6″ diagonal HD (1366 x 768) WLED Anti-Glare LED-backlit SVA

Memory                       :  4 GB DDR3L SDRAM (1600 MHz/1333 MHz)

Storage                         : 1TB 5400 rpm SMART SATA II

Multimedia                  :  Integrated stereo speaker (High definition audio support), integrated microphone, integrated webcam

Keyboard                     : Full-size textured island-style with numeric pad

Pointing Device           : Touchpad with multi-touch gesture support

Dimensions                   : 245.25 x 244 x 25.3 mm (14.88 x 10.2 x 1.0 inches)(W x D x H)

Weight                          : Starting at 2190 g (< 4.83 pounds)

Battery                         : 4-Cell (41 WHr) Lithium-Ion battery

Power Supply              : HP 45 W Smart ac adapter

Wireless Technology  : Qualcomm 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0 combo card

Is HP 250 G3 Notebook A Good Laptop?

The HP 250 G3 Notebook is a good notebook for anyone looking for a small computer that is easily portable.

The specification of this device makes it a versatile device, and it can be used in almost any professional setting.

It offers great value for money, and you will find that you can use it anywhere. The design is quite attractive, and it is made with a solid build.

Therefore, you can be comfortable using this device for long periods of time. The display is crisp and clear, which makes it ideal for viewing media content.

It has good sound support, and you will find that you will enjoy listening to music or watching videos on this model very much.

You can use a variety of applications on the HP 250 G3 Notebook without any problems at all. The processor also works well, and it delivers fast performance with minimal load on your system resources.

You can even multitask multiple applications with ease, which means that you are able to keep working while feeling refreshed after each session.

The keyboard is very good and it is comparable to a lot of brands you may have used before. It also has a very comfortable layout, which ensures that you can type with great speed and accuracy.

The touchpad is also very responsive, and touch gestures are easier to perform. This device is an excellent option for anyone who likes a smaller laptop that can be carried around easily.

Is HP 250 G3 Notebook Good For Gaming?

The HP 250 G3 Notebook does a decent job at light gaming. This device is not designed to be a powerhouse, which means that there are a limited number of games that will work well with it.

More intensive games such as First Person Shooters will run fine on this model, but many 3D titles do not run well.

The graphics card is not the most powerful on the market, but you will be able to get good performance out of the device. High-end settings can be used in most games, and you will find that lesser titles may run quite well.

Does HP 250 G3 Notebook Have Fingerprint?

The HP 250 G3 Notebook lacks a fingerprint reader. This is a useful feature that can be used to provide additional security when your device is connected to a wireless network or makes an online purchase.

It can also be used for authorization purposes when using the web browser, which means that you will not have to log in repeatedly.

Does HP 250 G3 Notebook Have HDMI Port?

The HP 250 G3 Notebook has an HDMI 1.4 port. This is an interface that can be used to connect your laptop to a variety of different devices.

You can use a cable to connect the device to an external monitor, which then allows you to operate the laptop as if it were connected directly to a monitor.

The HDMI port on this device supports 1080p resolution, which ensures that you get stunning image quality when you are playing games or watching video content.

The same technology can also be used with your television if you have a cable adaptor that enables this feature.

The interface is highly versatile, and it allows for the connection of various types of multimedia hardware.

Does HP 250 G3 Notebook Have A Backlit Keyboard?

No, the HP 250 G3 Notebook does not have a backlit keyboard. This feature is available on some models, and it enables you to use the device in dimly lit areas.

The backlight can also be used when you are gaming in the dark to improve your performance. This feature is also useful when you need to document a presentation or do some work outside in the dark.

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